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  2. The Galileo Seven Flight Deck — March 20, 2015
  3. Project 1701 — March 20, 2015
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Mar 21

Observation Deck

This is also the second version that I modeled in Lightwave of the Observation Deck as seen in The Conscience of the King.  This time around I followed the actual geometry of the walls and the result is a non-rectangular room 🙂  From production information, it’s a modified redress of the Romulan Bird of Prey …

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Mar 20

The Galileo Seven Flight Deck

This is actually my Version 2 of the Flight Deck modeled back in September of 2013.  Camera matched and modeled in Lightwave and based on the original FX as seen in “The Galileo Seven”.  As built, it was too wide with the alcoves to fit in a 947′ model of the Enterprise.  After scaling up …

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Mar 20

Project 1701

Welcome to a relaunch of a project that I started way back in April 2010 on TrekBBS.  This project’s goal is to accurately and faithfully re-create the USS Enterprise from the original Star Trek series as a digital 3D model.  I’ll be using Lightwave as my modeling and rendering application. For this project I’ll be …

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Jan 01


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